Exchange mobility students to University of Goettingen, Germany

24 tháng 5, 2017
We are very happy to announce that 4 students from International Master Program in Forestry (IMPF) have been awarded with a merit scholarship from Erasmus + to join a 5 months mobility students program in the George-August University of Gottingen, Germany. Our talented/lucky students include: Pham Van Thong from Vietnam, Ameena Yasmeen from Bangladesh, Duong Van Huy from Vietnam, Nguyen Thi Hoa from Vietnam This long term program (yearly) will give more chances for students from International Master Program of Forestry (IMPF) to study aboard, especially in advanced education country like Germany. We feel very proud on this achievement and let us congratulate them on this occasion. So prepare your profiles from now to be ready for next IMPF semester. The application for the next semester will be due by July 5th, 2017.

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